“There’s electricity that’s incredible.”

President Donald Trump called into Monday’s release of “The Mark Levin Show” to give his idealistic musings on the midterm races.


Levin solicited the President what he supposes from the energy he feels at the Republican crusade stops.

President Trump said, “Well, you know we just got to, as you know, we just arrived in Indiana, and they have lines — the arena has packed, 12,000 people, but they have lines, they could fill it up three times. And we just left Ohio, and it was incredible, the crowd. So it’s really great. If crowds mean anything, and there is an electricity in the air, Mark, that reminds me very much of November 6th.”

He added, “There’s electricity that’s incredible. And let’s see. But I think there’s something going on.”

Levin asked, “We’ve got about 12 million people listening to you right now. What do you want to tell them now about tomorrow, and how important is the vote, Mr. President?”

“Well, I’m campaigning for individual people,” the president said. “And if you notice, the I call it the fake news — but in many cases, certainly, as you know better than almost anybody in the world, a lot of it is fake, unfortunately. And, they want to put it as my race, and I’m okay with that. I don’t really care. You know whatever is necessary.”

President Trump touted the GOP’s chances, slamming Democrats Joe Donnelly, Jon Tester, and Heidi Heitkamp.

“I think we’re going to win races that nobody ever thought of,” he said. “This is six months, a year ago. All of… you know, in going over the races, Mark, there were people that we weren’t even going to contest, and now we’re leading. I just think we’re going to do well, and I think we’re going to do better in the House than anybody expects. But we’ll — we’re gonna soon know.”