Senator-elect Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) offered a hopeful message for Arizona and a tribute to the late John McCain in a Monday victory speech following Republican candidate Martha McSally’s concession

“A couple of months back, Arizona lost a legend who exemplified that soul and all that is best about Arizona,” Sinema said to a room of energized supporters. “His model sparkles a light on our way forward.”

Sinema called the longtime Arizona Republican senator “irreplaceable” and praised his service.

“Senator John McCain stood for everything we stand for as Arizonans. Fighting for what you believe in, standing up for what’s right even if you stand alone, and serving a cause that is greater than one’s self. Senator McCain is irreplaceable — but his example will guide our next steps forward.”

As the soon-to-be first Democratic Senator from Arizona since 1988, Sinema struck a noticeably bipartisan tone, highlighting McCain’s commitment to compromise and serving country over party.

Watch the video below, via the Washington Post:

“It’s up to all of us to carry on Senator McCain’s legacy,” she added.

Sinema closed with a message of unity, calling on Americans to “put down their sticks that are sharpened for battle” and to lift up their neighbors instead.

“Our challenge today is to heal the rent in our country’s fabric,” she said. “To come together as a people and as a nation.”

Sinema’s opponent, McSally, conceded the election on Tuesday evening after additional ballots being counted made a Republican victory less and less likely.

“I wish her all success as she represents Arizona in the Senate,” McSally said of Sinema.

Sinema will waste no time getting to work after her late victory. The Senator-elect was already back in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday for the Senate’s new member orientation — or “Senate school” as Sinema dubbed it on Twitter.


“I’m overcome with gratitude – thank you Arizona!,” she added. “It’s the privilege of my life to represent you.”