Caravan migrants from Central America that are stuck in Tijuana, Mexico are purportedly destroying the zone, deserting jugs of pee and piles of waste.

The news comes as transients are confronting expanding backfire and negative dispositions from neighborhood Mexican inhabitants, as the mind dominant part of Mexican occupants — 73% — hold negative perspectives towards the vagrants, as per a survey from the Mexican paper El Universal.

Fox News columnist Kyle Rothenberg caught video from regions where vagrants have remained in Tijuana which demonstrate heaps of junk and rottenness.


Rothenberg captured another video showing the migrants “building a mountain of wet clothes and garbage at the #TijuanaBorder shelter.”


Rothenberg also captured pictures of bottles of urine that were left behind:

Another video caught by Rothenberg indicates vagrants, who were evidently wiped out, spitting and hacking all over the place, stating: “An ensemble of spitting and hacking here at the #TijuanaBorder #caravan – authorities say 60% have respiratory infections…3 affirmed instances of TB, 4 HIV/AIDS cases, far reaching lice…”