House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows, R-N.C., said Saturday that if President Barack Obama could send cash to Iran as a major aspect of the 2015 atomic arrangement, President Trump ought to have the capacity to discover cash to fabricate the divider along the southern outskirt without being obstructed by the courts.

“Tune in, if President Obama can send $1.8 billion to the Iranians — I can disclose to you I didn’t fitting that — unquestionably finding a couple of billion dollars for outskirt security on our southern fringe is something that this president can do lawfully and without a test,” Meadows revealed to Fox News in a meeting.

The article proceeds to express the accompanying:

Trump declared Friday that an arrangement to briefly end the incomplete government shutdown, which at that point was in its 35th day, had been come to. The assention incorporated no cash for a divider along the southern fringe, as the president has requested, however revived covered offices through Feb. 15.



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