President Donald Trump’s endorsement rating currently remains at 52 percent – an amazing nine-point bounce in only ten days.

Rasmussen reports that the huge hop happened in the week following his noteworthy State of the Union location.

There have just been a couple of different crossroads in the historical backdrop of his administration where his endorsement rating has surpassed this number.

The last time that Trump earned a 52 percent endorsement rating from Rasmussen was in March 2017. reports: Barack Obama’s endorsement rating was at half at a comparable point in his administration.

This is likewise in spite of national prevailing press detailing adversely on the exceptionally fruitful President Trump 92% of the time.

Barack Obama had a cake stroll with the media.

At the point when President Trump motivates an opportunity to recount his side of the story — unfiltered — and he inspires an opportunity to reveal to THE FULL STORY with the majority of his achievements that are disregarded by the state-run media his endorsement evaluations soar.

HISTORIC! Trump Approval Hits 52% – One of the Highest in His Presidency

Trump should hold quarterly delivers to the country.



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