A New Jersey-based imam told individual Muslims in an address that they should dismiss the “perspective” of Western majority rule countries, which grasps the right to speak freely, religion and the press.

Imam Mateen Khan was talking at the Muslim Center of Middlesex County in New Jersey on Dec. 30, as per the Middle East Media Research Institute.

Khan said nonconformists need Muslims to practice the right to speak freely to affront their prophet, Muhammad. What’s more, he guaranteed that some Israeli analysts says the Zionists persuaded the Europeans to detest the Arabs and Palestinians rather than the Jews.

“When we talk about progressivism we are discussing a political and good reasoning,” he said.

“It is a world view, it is the way you think. So by and large, they bolster the idea of social liberties, majority rule government, secularism, sexual orientation equity, racial equity, internationalism, the right to speak freely, opportunity of religion, opportunity of the press,” said Khan.

“Presently I know a large portion of us are tuning in to these words and considering: ‘What’s going on with that?’ We will arrive,” the imam guaranteed.

Muslims in the West, he stated, are in “a social war.”

“They need you to go up against the reasoning of progressivism, and in doing that, you will leave the theory that Islam carries with it,” said Khan.

The West, he stated, demands individuals ought to be “allowed to state anything we desire, so you have to give us a chance to revile the Prophet Muhammad, in such a case that you don’t, at that point you are in reverse – you are not liberal, and you are not implied for the 21st century.”

Swinging to “the Jews,” he said that verifiably they were abhorred in Europe and “accused for a wide range of issues.”



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