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Putin Calls Out George Soros For Meddling In US Elections

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called out George Soros for meddling in U.S elections for Hillary Clinton.

Putin upset the globalists when he made his remarks during the highly anticipated Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki on Monday.

Putin and Donald Trump stood next to each other and addressed the international media about a topic that has caused a media frenzy for nearly two years, the alleged Russian collusion in the US election.

Big League Politics reports: When asked about the many claims of interference and the FBI investigation into Russian collusion in the US election, Putin referenced billionaire investor and self admitted Nazi collaborator George Soros as an example of someone who actually does meddle in foreign elections. Putin asked whether Russia should also hold George Soros accountable for everything Soros has done to influence Democracy while living in the United States.

With regards to Russian collusion, President Trump confidently told the media, “There was no collusion. There was nobody to collude with. We ran a brilliant campaign. That’s why I won.”


H/T: Trump-Feed

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  1. Susan

    July 8, 2019 at 6:00 pm

    George Soros is a menace to democracy. He is involved in all world politics to bring down all governments to conform to One World Order as Hitler wanted. He funds many anti American organizations. He needs to be charged with treason

  2. John Careccia

    July 22, 2019 at 12:31 am

    Soros has been deceiving people for generations. He originally got his money by betraying the jews he grew up with in Hitler’s Germany. Many jews had gold fillings. The Nazis pulled their teeth before tossing them in the ovens. Soros profited from that.

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