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How Democrats Create 3rd World HELL HOLES in America

As poverty and filth spread in major cities like San Francisco, Seattle, and L.A., it raises a critical question: Which policies are turning these cities into 3rd world hell holes? And are these policies due to Democrats or Republicans?

Based on the research, there are four core policies that are contributing to concentrated homelessness and dirty “third world” cities. Only one of these policies is bipartisan; the other three are Democrat.

Policy #1. Support of Big Pharma, especially companies that manufacture, promote, and sell highly addictive drugs like opioid painkillers. This is a bipartisan issue. Both parties receive millions from Big Pharma.

Policy #2. Offering free stuff to homeless and transient people without any sort of accountability. Per a Seattle police officer, this includes free food, free medical care, free mental health care, free tent, and free clothing. The policy of giving away free stuff to disadvantaged people without expecting any change in behavior is primarily a Democrat one.

Policy #3. Preventing law enforcement officers from enforcing the law. When the law is no longer enforced, homeless and transient people can set up tent cities wherever they want. They can then use drugs and litter without fear of prosecution. As the same Seattle police officer pointed out, being free of prosecution opens the door to all sorts of anti-social behavior. Stopping police from enforcing the law is usually a Democrat policy.

Policy #4. Heavy taxation of the middle class and the rich. Throwing money at a problem is an easy way to make it appear you’re “doing something.” But the money has to come from somewhere. That’s why social problems are often used as an excuse to raise taxes. Heavy taxation of the middle class and the rich force them to leave for friendlier areas. As those who are well-off leave, it puts an even greater burden on those who stay. And so the cycle of poverty and filth continues. Taxing the rich is almost exclusively a Democrat policy.

There are other reasons for homelessness (high home prices caused by Federal Reserve policy), but a drug addict will eventually become homeless regardless of home prices. So home affordability is not on the primary list of policies that contribute to poverty and dirty “third world” cities.

To summarize, the four policies creating urban American hell-holes are:

1. Supporting and encouraging the use of addictive painkillers like opioids. (bipartisan)

2. Giving free stuff to homeless drug addicts without accountability. (Democrat)

3. Preventing law enforcement officers from enforcing the law, which allows homeless and transient people to use drugs and litter without consequence. (Democrat)

4. Taxing the middle class and the rich to pay for the problems created by homeless drug addicts. (Democrat)

Until Democrats wake up and adopt conservative policies for dealing with the homeless population, we’ll continue to witness the decay and destruction of many once-great cities.

In the mean time, watch this documentary “Seattle is Dying” to see what happens when Democrats control a city…

H/T: ConservativeUnderground

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