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Body Cam Shows Arizona Cop Taking Down Knife-Wielding Jihadist

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office just released new body cam footage showing the interaction and eventually deputy-involved shooting of an attacker who allegedly had ties to ISIS.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, Ismail Hamed called 911 saying he wanted to talk to someone about protesting over the issues in Palestine.

A sheriff’s deputy went outside to the substation’s parking lot to talk to Hamed peacefully.

In the video, an individual is confronted by a Maricopa County, Arizona officer. The individual, as seen below, first indicates to the officer that he wants to “talk about” political issues.

All seems well for about 20 seconds, when the man seems to completely lose his marbles when asked to produce identification. He first begins throwing rocks at the officer, then pulls a knife, at which point things take a turn for the worse for this peaceful protester.

The deputy immediately ordered Hamed to drop the knife and warned him he would shoot if Hamed continued to provoke.

Hamed welcomed the shooting telling the deputy, “shoot me.” Hamed was injured and arrested. He now faces multiple charges and awaits trial.

Hamed is accused of having ties to ISIS terrorists. He’s currently behind bars and pleaded not guilty to terrorism and assault charges.

On Thursday, Sheriff Penzone did not answer questions regarding the investigation, but addressed why he waited to release this evidence.

“If I were premature and released information relative to this or any other case to the detriment of our law enforcement operations or the possibility of prosecution, I can’t undo that,” said Sheriff Penzone.

On the 911 call, Hamed can be heard saying he wanted to protest what was happening to people in Palestine, admitting he had two rocks and a knife, but when Penzone was asked if Hamed had contact with ISIS or planned to carry out an attack, the sheriff declined to answer.

H/T: PCMustDie

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