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Pence Lays Down The Law On AOC – Leaves Her Dazed With Border Hammer

Queen AOC never saw our VP coming!

The media wants you to believe AOC is the future of American politics. I disagree.

I think strong, uncompromising men like Mike Pence are our future. Leaders who take a stand for truth and justice are our future.

Pence is even bold enough to confront the media’s darling. He recently called out AOC’s ugly comments about our detention centers.

In no uncertain terms, he dropped the hammer of truth on her (and he didn’t even have to use her name!).

From The Gateway Pundit:

“To compare the humane work of the dedicated men and women of Customs and Border Protection with the horrors of the Holocaust is an outrage,” Pence said. “The Nazis took lives. American law enforcement save lives every day.”

Boom! Mike Pence destroyed AOC’s horrible comparison of concentration camps to our detention centers.

He humiliated her and the rest of the left who dared to insult the brave men and women defending our border.

They are not like Germany in the 1930’s. They are hard-working patriots who protect America—and ensure that border jumpers are safe.

Crossing our border without permission is reckless. We’ve all seen the liberal media’s coverage of how many get injured, or worse, trying to get into this country.

Those “horrible” detention centers keep border jumpers safe. They can stay there, away from the elements and bad actors while awaiting their cases.

For some, it might be the best place they’ve ever stayed.

And for anyone to compare detention centers to what the Germans did to the Jews? Well, Pence would probably say they are heartless.

Pence had no trouble condemning the left for such ugly treatment. Perhaps AOC and her cronies will learn from his rebuke.

Probably not. But we can make sure she never forgets it.

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H/T: DynamiteCandy

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