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Joe Biden Slips Up In Major VP Gaffe – Says He Was Vice President Just Last Year, In 2018

Joe Biden thought he was the shoo-in for the Democratic nominee. But he’s just one of 20 Democrats fighting for the nom.

And he’s been suffering from one setback after another. His speeches are loaded with mistakes, slurs, and confusing names.

His gaffes are definitely getting worse. Some make it sound like he’s racially insensitive.

But the latest gaffe is making people worried about his mental fitness. Because, even though he was vice president for 8 significant years, he forgot when the job ended.

From Daily Wire:

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said over the weekend that he was Vice President during the Parkland tragedy in 2018, which was over a year after he left the White House at the end of the Obama administration…

CNN notes that Biden again repeated the false claim while talking to reporters, saying: “Those kids in Parkland came up to see me when I was vice president.”

You read that right. Twice during an event, Biden claimed to been vice president in 2018.

Uh… what? Joe, you left office in January 2017. Why did you say you met with the “Parkland” kids when you were vice president?

Maybe he was confusing events. Maybe he was lying (who knows?). Or maybe, just maybe the gaffe-machine isn’t really a gaffe machine.

We all think those gaffes are just slips of the tongue. Maybe it’s much worse.

Maybe Joe Biden’s mind isn’t as sharp as it used to be. Why would he tell reporters (twice) that he did something he definitely didn’t do?

He named the city specifically. We all know that event happened in 2018—over a year after he left the office.

He even said he “met with those kids.”

He certainly did not.

So, what’s going on? How could a mentally-competent man confuse something so clear and obvious?

Is it because he just isn’t fit anymore? Democrats should be very worried. Joe Biden wants to be president.

He wants to make serious decisions about our country. He wants to sign bills into law and negotiate trade deals.

Do we really want a man—whose mental capacity we worry about—running the country?

I know I don’t. Democrats have to answer that themselves.

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H/T: RoyalFamilly

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