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Schiff Makes Bombshell Admission About Impeaching Trump

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff has been on almost every cable news program for over two years claiming that he has evidence that will bring down President Donald Trump.

The media ate it up and gave Schiff all the air-time he wanted to smear the president with baseless allegations.

But after the Mueller report vindicated Trump and no charges have been brought against the president, Schiff is now admitting defeat.

During an interview Sunday morning on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Schiff admitted that Democrats have lost the battle on impeachment and implied they should wait until after the 2020 election before evaluating what to do next.

Schiff said “there is great weight” to the argument that impeaching Trump, but conceded that a failed impeachment fight could backfire badly on Democrats.

“I worry equally about the message of taking an impeachment case to trial, losing that case, having the president acquitted, and then having an adjudication that this conduct is not impeachable,” he said.

“The jury I’m most worried about, not the Senate because I think that’s a preordained conclusion, is the American people. Can we make the case to the American people? I want to make sure that’s true before we go down that path because it’s going to occupy a year of the nation’s time.”

Host Chuck Todd then asked: “Was there any part of Director Mueller’s testimony you found unsatisfying?”

Schiff slightly revealed his contempt and anger over Mueller not delivering Democrats the goods on impeachment.

“You know, look, I, I wish that he had testified in more narrative fashion, that the words didn’t need to be coaxed from him as much as they did,” Schiff said.


Schiff and many Democrats desperately hoped former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s congressional testimony last week would trigger an impeachment inquiry — but it completely backfired.

During his testimony before two House committees last Wednesday, Mueller seemed completely unaware of what his own Russia reported stated.

While speaking with one Republican lawmaker, Mueller got caught several times contradicting his own report.

Mueller came under fire for lying about why he decided not to charge the president with a crime.

After his testimony, President Trump dropped a bombshell that could potentially lead to Mueller behind bars.

Beyond that, it’s clear that Schiff is not going to stop his quest of going after the president.

Last week, the California Democrat slipped up and revealed that Trump could be thrown in jail after he leaves office.

Schiff suggested that when Trump leaves office, Congress and the government will need to move quickly if they want to have Trump charged before the statute of limitations expires.

Quite amazing to see how the Democrats pipe dream of impeaching Trump has fallen apart so quickly.

Despite all of his “Get Trump” plans failing, Schiff is still implying that when Trump leaves office, he and his allies will try to have Trump jailed.

H/T: ExplainLife

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