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Melania: ‘Gender Change Is Against God’

First Lady Melania Trump rarely enters the spotlight to speak out on political or social issues but it seems that one topic has the power to bring her out of her shell. Gender reassignment surgery.

That plastic surgery that would see one change their sexual features to the opposite of that with which they were born. It’s a subject she appears to be quite passionate about and which she is completely against.

So much so that she was willing to risk alienating the LGBTQ community against the president as she spoke out in opposition to the cosmetic procedure in front of a militant gay crowd.

“You are born a boy or you are born a girl. You are born of His perfect design and that masterpiece should not be altered. We all have the beauty that God intended. He does not make mistakes. To alter your body is to spit on his creation.

We might make exceptions if we are horribly disfigured. In such a circumstance, one might need a facelift to accentuate one’s cheekbones or minimize one’s large eyes. Maybe your lips became thin or your skin prematurely lined from life’s circumstances. These could be changed. But this is the exception. These are essential under particularly trying circumstances.

Outside of this there may be reason if your life were in danger, but changing your organs is not life saving procedure like, for example, kidney surgery is. It’s an option. An option that should be rejected as non-essential.

We must respect our bodies as God made them. Jesus would want it that way.”

Our First Lady speaks as if she knows some who has gone under the knife. It must be that someone close to her that gave her inspiration for this moving speech.

H/T: Bebest

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