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Tlaib & Democrats Introduce Bill To Exempt Congress From All Taxation

If there’s one thing Democrats excel at, it’s greed. They’ve taken the art of lining one’s own pockets to greater heights than this country has ever before seen.

Look at Barack Obama with his net worth of $125 million. Observe Nancy Pelosi with her $300 million personal value. These are civil servants and there’s no way they could have accumulated such wealth without stealing and taking advantage of their positions. And now they want more.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is backing a bill from Michigan Representative Rashida Tlaib to make members of Congress exempt from taxation at all levels of government – federal, state, and city.

The bill is set to be introduced for a reading next week and early indications are that it will have the unanimous backing of all democrat members of their majority House of Representatives.

Tlaib took a moment yesterday to attempt to justify this outrageous bill:

“The rich of this country don’t pay taxes. They use loophole after loophole and exemption after exemption to escape paying their share and they do nothing for the betterment of the nation.

We in congress work tirelessly for the people and can’t get ahead. If there’s any class of people that should avoid taxation, it is the government public servant. We are working to put more money in your pockets at the same time as our pockets are being emptied.

We are working for you. Don’t we deserve a break for that? Of course we do. We’re a special class. We want recognition for such.”

Such a proposal is the first of its kind in this country and, if passed would lead to a new era of greed on government that we would likely never escape from. It must be stopped.

H/T: DailyWorldUpdate

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