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Kaepernick Lobbies to Remove the National Anthem from Football

Ever since that rat traitor Colon Kaepernick first took a knee at an NFL game in San Francisco, he’s been a thorn in the side of patriots from coast to coast. He claimed it was a protest over police brutality against minorities. A civil rights demonstration, he said. The nation wasn’t fooled about his true reasons.

True Americans knew that Kaepernick was spitting on our veterans, the flag, and the country as a whole each and every time he knelt through our glorious Star Spangled Banner.

The former quarterback is now switching sides. Sort of. Kaepernick is leading a group he’s calling “Colin Opposes Political Statements”, or COPS. The group is intent on eliminating public political statements at NFL events. But there’s a catch. COPS spokesperson Regina Guertin explains what the movement is really about:

”COPS opposes political statements from players or public at sporting events. Of any kind. Kneeling through the anthem IS one such statement. But there’s more. Standing through the anthem. STATEMENT. Holding your hand over your heart through the anthem. STATEMENT. Holding your head high through the anthem. STATEMENT. Singing the words to the anthem. STATEMENT. Crying as the anthem plays. STATEMENT.

COPS say that the president is making a political statement with this action. COPS must be the stupidest motherf***ers on the planet.

So what is the common denominator between all these political statements? The anthem itself. For that – playing the anthem for the crowd – is also a political statement on a massive scale.

We are on the side of the many fans who were pissed at Colin for his own statements on the field back in the day. We want the same end to displays of personal politics at games. We have simply taken this to its next logical step, to encompass all demonstrations of political persuasion and this is ultimately achieved by removing altogether the main point of discontent. The Star Spangled Banner should never be played at professional sporting events ever again.”

According to COPS, this greatest display of respect for god and country would be considered a “political statement” and disallowed from public view.

We were hopeful that Mr. Kaepernick had seen the light about his disrespect to America but it seems that his hatred only grows. He will not stop until he has created the unpatriotic, socialist nation that is the Democrats dream.

H/T: BeBest

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