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Nancy Pelosi Has Finally Lost It – Democrats Are Officially Filing A Formal Trump Impeachment Probe

Her party’s out of her control – they just hit the big red button!

Nancy Pelosi thought she was on top of the world when her party won back the House. Heck, she was even made Speaker again! How nice.

But it’s clear she is no longer fit to run a Dairy Queen, let alone the lower chamber of Congress.

She made big promises to the American people. She let them down. Nancy can’t even lead House Democrats, who are running away with a pathetic attempt to take down Trump.

She publicly came out against impeachment, but they’ve ignored her so far. So much for leadership, huh Nance?

As of this week, Nancy’s Democrats are moving forward with what can only be called a total party implosion.

From CNN:

The House Judiciary Committee is prepared to vote next week on a resolution laying out the procedures for its investigation now that it is actively considering moving to impeach President Donald Trump, a major step toward formalizing its sweeping probe, according to multiple sources familiar with the effort.

The vote, which is expected to occur on Wednesday, will lay out the ground rules for conducting hearings now that the committee has publicly announced it is considering recommending articles of impeachment against Trump.

Wow – has the Left has truly lost their minds?

Let’s get this out of the way (again): Democrats will not be able to impeach Trump.

Putting aside the fact that there is no evidence to support it, and Mueller gave them nothing, they will never get the Senate on board with such a ridiculous scheme.

Not only that, but the majority of Americans are against it. With an economy doing so good, why would we want to remove the one man making it happen? Not great if you’re trying to win over voters.

Even Tulsi Gabbard, a 2020 Democrat, is saying impeachment would “tear the country apart.” I guess she’s one of few liberals left with some common sense.

It’s a circus that will go nowhere, except to fire the Republican base – and Independents too! Remember when Democrats tried to wrongfully go after Kavanaugh?

Senate Republicans roared back with a ferocity rarely seen from politicians. Kavanaugh was confirmed and Republicans held onto the Senate.

Now, what do you think will happen with Pelosi’s impeachment-loving House? They will try to vote, fail, and then be humiliated.

Republicans in both the House and Senate will rise up and gain support going into 2020. It will be a red wave they couldn’t have seen coming, because people will come out of the woodwork to make sure they don’t gain power.

So Nancy Pelosi really has lost it. She doesn’t have the will or strength to stop this course towards destruction.

They’ve been warned countless times – and now Americans will make them pay for it in 2020.

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H/T: PatriotJournal

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