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Nancy Pelosi Is Voting To Take Away Top Constitutional Right In the Dead of Night

Now that Nancy’s in charge, she’s quietly going after one of America’s most sacred rights on Tuesday.

We knew that the Democrats would immediately start going after conservatives in America, and thus far they have not disappointed.

Nancy Pelosi is back in charge of the House, and she’s not wasting any time trying to take away rights from freedom-loving Americans.

She’s already going after one of the most precious ones – your ability to protect yourself against an out of control government.

From Breitbart:

House Democrats plan to introduce a bill criminalizing private gun sales on Tuesday of next week.

The legislation will be introduced by Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA), and gun control proponent Gabby Giffords.

The bill seeks to put background checks in place for all gun sales, requiring a daughter to get a background check before her mother can give her a gun or a son to get a background check before a father can give him one. It would also require a lifelong friend to get a background check before he can receive a gun from his lifelong friend.

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Once again, Democrats are coming for our guns.

We’re not even a month into the legislative session and yet every bill the Left has proposed has been unpatriotic, irrational totalitarian nonsense.

And this bill to restrict people from buying firearms privately is no different.

The Democrats claim to be doing this in the name of former Rep. Gabby Giffords, who was shot by Jared Loughner back in 2011.

But that’s pretty rich considering that Loughner would not have been stopped by this law.

The Left often uses the attack on Giffords as a way to vilify not only guns but Republicans as well, even though Loughner was reported to be “‘very liberal” and “leftwing” by his college friend.

But facts don’t matter to the Democrats. They want to take away our rights one bill at a time until they’re all gone.

The leftist majority House will be on a two-year virtue-signaling bender until the next round of elections.

The Democrats are trying to whip up their base, playing to them with their lunatic proposals.

First, it was articles of impeachment, and then abolishing the electoral college. This gun control bill is just the latest in a string of bills intended to rile up the Left.

But the Senate will never sign it, and neither will the President.

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H/T: PatriotJournal

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