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Texas Leads 50 State Investigation – They Just Dropped A Texas-Sized Lawsuit On Adversary Of Trump

Texas is taking the lead – and every state is behind them with this major lawsuit!

It’s rare that all fifty states band together on a cause. Even Reagan’s landslide win was only 49 states.

But when something is this urgent, it draws the attention of every last state in the Union.

This time, Texas is leading the way in a case that will determine the fate of our country—and numerous industries—for years to come.

One big company has been out to get Trump since the day he announced his candidacy. They have even tried to alter the information you see, to prevent his success.

This day’s been long overdue, but it’s finally come… for Google.

From Fox News:

Less than two months after the Justice Department initiated a wide-ranging antitrust review of big tech companies, 50 U.S. states and territories, led by Texas, Monday announced their own investigation into Google’s “potential monopolistic behavior.”

…A key issue in the states’ probe is whether Google abuses its market dominance in online search, advertising, and mobile operating systems to unfairly gain leverage in other markets, stifling innovation and harming consumers.

You have to be living under the rock not to know how Google manipulates what you see online.

If you rely on the search engine giant to find news and information, much of what you see has been tampered with.

Even Democrats—like 2020 candidate Tulsi Gabbard—have accused Google of messing with their results.

Google has been outed in recently leaked videos, with staff admitting they want to avoid another “Trump situation” in 2020.

What does that mean? They want to control what you see so that fewer Americans vote for Trump.

This new case has united all 50 states in an anti-trust lawsuit against Google. They are taking steps that will hold the company accountable for the monopoly they have on the Internet.

The results will be significant. Google might be broken up into smaller companies. Or the company might have to pay damages in the billions.

Whatever the outcome, Google will have to face the results of their allegedly manipulative practices.

Businesses, politicians, consumers, and more have suffered due to Google’s massive control.

But now, it all could be changing.

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H/T: GOPDailyBrief

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