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President Trump Sideswipes Congress – Throws Their Democrat Holy Grail In The Trash Bin

Democrats thought they had it – now Donald has them triggered!

Democrats are eager to pass new laws that undermine Constitutional rights, but Trump just threw them a curveball.

After truly terrible events this summer, the left is revving up to ram new legislation through Congress.

As they love to say, “Never let a crisis go to waste.

Pretty much the entire Democratic platform, these days. Emotion over liberty.

They thought Trump was going to let them get away with it—but Trump is throwing their holy grail in the trash.

From Politico:

President Donald Trump will not consider the House-passed universal background checks bill as part of his proposed gun package…

The White House expects to release the package of proposals this week.

Ouch! This has to hurt, Democrats.

Even as they prepare a bill with strict, universal background checks to curb 2nd Amendment rights—Trump throws down the veto threat.

Let’s get real here, folks. What kind of background checks will be so effective, they can prevent tragedy?

We already have very thorough background checks that all Americans have to undergo.

People with a record simply can’t buy a firearm. The new checks the left wants will brand Americans who never committed a crime (and have no intention to) as criminals.

They will be treated guilty until proven innocent.

It will actually scare away Americans who want to exercise their rights.

Is that really what the Second Amendment is about? I don’t think so.

President Trump is all on board with making this country a safer place. But not at the cost of our liberty.

Democrats will rant and rave over this, to be sure. But they rarely support Trump’s policies for making America better.

Why should he support theirs? Especially when they’re so bad?

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