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After Biden Plummets In 2020 Race – Trump Gives Joe Catchy Impeachment Nickname

If you liked Sleepy Joe – you’re gonna love this one!

What’s your favorite Joe Biden nickname?

Sleepy Joe? Creepy Joe?

Well, don’t answer just yet, because Donald Trump has thought up a new one … and it’s his best one yet!

Like most Democrats, Biden has jumped on the impeachment bandwagon. But it might prove to be the biggest mistake of his career.

After accusing Trump of a “quid pro quo” with the Ukraine, Biden said he wanted the President investigated.

But now, Donald has totally turned the tables!

Via Washington Examiner:

The Trump campaign flipped the script on allegations of a ‘quid pro quo’ between President Trump and Ukraine, instead labeling former Vice President Joe Biden as ‘Quid Pro Joe‘ and alleging the whistleblower is politically motivated.

Quid Pro Joe – I love it!

The new nickname came in a Sunday email to Trump supporters, which also said that Democrats “are trying to DESTROY the Republican Party and all that it stands for.

That seems accurate, given the recent impeachment talks.

And it’s really hypocritical because Joe’s son, Hunter Biden, worked for a gas company in the Ukraine.

Joe Biden was the vice president then, and Trump alleges that Biden threatened to withhold U.S. aid to Ukraine if the country didn’t fire the prosecutor investigating Hunter’s company.

Gee, that sounds a lot like “quid pro quo” to me … so how come Democrats are looking the other way?

Well, because Biden is one of theirs, of course, and Trump is their mortal enemy. So of course Trump is guilty while Biden is innocent.

I don’t know about you, but I call that utterly ridiculous, and the worst double standard yet.

That’s why “Quid Pro Joe” is the perfect nickname for Biden! This one’s going to stick, too … and it’s going to just keep hurting!

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