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After Pelosi Fumbles Trump Impeachment – New House Resolution Has Nancy Sweating

Nancy messed up bad – now House Republicans want to make her pay!

It’s really amazing how Nancy Pelosi made such a turnaround. For three years, she stood up for reason and common sense when she rejected her party’s demands for impeachment.

Yet, over a flimsy whistleblower complaint, she made a 180 and backed Schiff’s impeachment push.

It looks likeit was all a major mistake, that could cost the Democrats big time.

There is evidence that she knew more about the phone call than she lets on. But, in the end, there is zero evidence in that call to justify an impeachment—much less Trump’s removal from office.

Republicans in the House—like most Americans—are outraged that Democrats would stoop so low to hurt Trump.

So they are taking action.

From Fox News:

A Louisiana Republican congressman introduced a resolution Tuesday to expel Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., from the House of Representatives, the latest sign that frustration in the GOP is building as Democrats continue their impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

Woah. A Louisiana Republican put forward a resolution to expel Nancy Pelosi from the House. This move is a sign that Republicans in the House are getting sick and tired of Pelosi’s reckless leadership.

Can they actually expel her? Only if enough congressmen vote on it.

That’s a longshot to be sure. But even Democrats in the House are frustrated by Pelosi cowering to the radical left.

Many of them come from red states that back Trump. If the House passes articles of impeachment, they’re done. They won’t get re-elected.

This resolution sends a message to the American people.

The House is not united in Pelosi’s push to impeach Donald Trump.

Pelosi is losing her grip on the House and her own party. She is not endorsing the wishes or will of the American people.

If we are fed up and sick of her games, we can make sure she never disrupts our Congress ever again.

California voters can expel her from office—by supporting her Republican opponents come election time.

That’s a pretty good idea. And, considering what’s going on, it’s the only choice to save our government.

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Source: gopdailybrief

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