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Hunter Biden Finally Under The Microscope – He Made $50,000 Per Month Only Because Of His Father, Had No Experience

Hunter thought he could get away with it – but the closet of evidence is out now!

Uh-oh! Joe Biden and his son Hunter are finally getting the attention they deserve.

After the left tried to nail Trump over his phone call with Ukraine, people starting asking questions about Biden.

Reports have come out that nepotism and wrongdoing were involved with his son getting a comfy job at a Ukrainian energy company.

This was not a secret. People knew about it for years. President Trump brings it up—to get to the bottom of it—and Democrats want to impeach him.

Simple investigations show what was really going on between Biden and Ukraine. Rep. Lee Zeldin points this all out clearly.

From Twitter:

Badaboom, Hunter! You got this “dream” job pulling down $50,000 a year—even though you had no experience in the energy sector.

Hey, can you get a job with zero experience in that field? Guess what, companies don’t hire people who lack education or skill in their job.

You wouldn’t hire a plumber to fix your pipes—who has never done it before right?

So why would this Ukrainian company hire Hunter Biden? Unless it was because his dad was Vice President of the United States?

This is beyond nepotism. Children of our leaders shouldn’t profit off of their roles. That creates a conflict of interest and stinks of corruption.

Perhaps Biden should be investigated once and for all.

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Source: gopdailybrief

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