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Obama To Read Audiobook Of Mueller Report

The release of the Mueller Report has been widely anticipated by Democrats across the country and many liberals abroad. They seem to expect it to magically reveal some dirty secrets or criminality about President Trump even though AG Barr  has already clearly stated it does not. We’ll let them have this little fantasy, I suppose. It’s harmless and provides for great entertainment on Facebook comment sections.

Already a book deal with Specific House Publishing has been inked to release the report to the public. This will be in standard hardcover form, e-books, and audiobook.

The hardcover and e-book are to have forewords written by Hillary Clinton and Robert Mueller himself. And the audiobook? It is to be read by Barack Obama.

Obama volunteered his services for this release, accepting not a dime of pay. He claimed – and Specific agreed – that “this report required a strong, discerning voice that they both recognized and respected. A voice that would handle the material with the gravitas that it deserves.”

We don’t know what any of that means but it sounds like he plans to make stuff up as he goes along. That, of course, is exactly  what America expects from the former Traitor-In-Chief. Barack Obama told more lies during his presidential terms  then any other president in history. Why would we expect anything different in this new venture?

The publisher has released one excerpt from the audiobook in which Obama gleefully – and falsely – reads, “This report does not exonerate,” followed by uproariously laughter from a canned laugh track.  This is set up in such a way so as to make the listener believe it speaks of President Trump.  But there’s no reference to who it speaks of. It most likely refers to Obama himself.

Many have called for a boycott of Specific House.  We at Daily World Update are on board.

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